November 22, 2011


First of all thank you Venie for this Versatile award!  Her blog is very funny and whenever I am down or unsure of certain things I  go to her blog and she always gives me confidence, happiness, joy, lighthearted approach to life.  Thank you Venie for doing that and check out her blog.

A HUGE THANKS goes out to all that stop by and view my blog. Your comments, views and rates mean far more to me than you will ever know.  You are my drive and continuous inspiration that fuels the engine of this blog.  Without you I would not be blogging day in and day out.

For things about me, well . . . . . 
1) I have over 100 recipes which have been tested and accompanied with mouth watering photos.

2) Dim sum, its not just good for breakfast, it's for lunch and dinner as well.

3) Live healthy, love your family and friends, and find your passions in life.  Everything else will take care of itself.

4) A good day is going out to eat for a meal.  A great day is going out to eat for all three meals and without gaining any weight.

5) I love cooking and using my brothers as guinea testers.

6) Traveling is another hobby.  Seeing different places, exploring, learning and getting to taste their food is awesome.

7) I love trying new restaurants.

8) MY motto try something new every day. Be brave and cook something out of your comfort zone.

9) Cooking healthy but does not have be taste bad!

10) Never stop learning.  Try something new everyday.

I have been dreading this part of the assignment.   A list of the nominees, this part has taken the the most time, by far.   Searching through more blogs that I care to remember, I have selected the ones that seem the best fit for the Versatile Blogger award.  By all means the order of the list is totally random.

And the nominees are…
1) little hungry heart:  A trained doctor who also has a heart for cooking.

2) Tasty Appetite:  All sort of Biryani recipes to try on.

3) That's so Michelle:  Tricks to make jello shots with real fruits.

4) Olives for Dinner:  A vegan shows the world taste, presentation, innovation of vegan dishes.

5) Living the Gourmet:  Traditional gourmet cuisines with elegant and style.

6) Project 101:  101 list of project to complete!

7) Umma Yori:  Willing to create traditional dishes with different ingredients to lessen the calories.

8) Bacon and Souffle:  Showcase chef with great recipes.

9) Beth Michelle:  Beautiful food photos.

10) Nava-k:  Blog about life, style and food.

11) Eat yourself skinny:   Eating healthy with delicious recipes.

12) From my heart:  Exploring and experimenting cooking.

13) Time of your life:  Her blog is about life and how to make your life better.

14) Chinese soup Pot:  All kinds of healthy soups.

15) Cupcakes take the cake:   All sort of cupcakes.

The rule of this award requests the following:
Post your acceptance and acknowledgment of the award on your blog and add Versatile Blogger Award image.

Tell 10 things about yourself to your readers and friends may not know about you and your blog.

Nominate 15 other blogs for Versatile Blogger Award.

Happy Thanksgiving you all!


  1. You're welcome and I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy urs. I can't wait to see another new recipe of urs. Keep it up! =)

  2. Aw you are so sweet, thank you for the award! Your blog is fabulous and so are YOU! xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for selecting me to receive the Versatile award! I received the same award a week ago from another blogger which I need to write about on my blog. I promise that post will include a mention of both of you. =)

    I am glad to have stumbled upon your site as I love Burmese food very much. Restaurants serving this cuisine are few, even in the diverse Bay Area. So I will definitely visit you again and hope to learn some delicious authentic Burmese cooking.

    Thank you again for the award! It is truly my honor.

  4. Congrats dear on your award..your blog very well deserve this n many more..:)
    So sweet of you to remember me..Am very much thanksful for the award and your lovely compliment..Tq.
    Great to know more about you..
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Thank you so much dear for this award. It has made my day! I apologize for not coming by sooner to has been a very difficult and hectic time for me. I appreciate your kindness...thank you for following my site and being a fan! Have a wonderful week. Many blessings, your friend Catherine~

  6. Congrats on the award! You definitely deserve it with all your amazing recipes and posts. And thank you so much for recognizing my blog with the award. This put a big smile on my face =D


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